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Opera Mini lets in you to browse the web quickly and privately at the same time as saving up to 90% of your data. The Opera Mini net browser has a big quantity of functionalities all in one app and is relied on by way of millions of users around the world each day.

A browser with data saving, current news, data saving or offline mode.

Features. What can be carried out in Opera Mini?

  • A fully customizable browser is used with exclusive designs, issues and information categories.
  • This allows you to control search statistics and reduce their usage by up to 90% in unusual modes.
  • Its download manager detects downloadable archives from the Internet and maintains development downloads in the background. They fit into the configured folder without any problems.
  • It includes an offline file sharing mode with speeds up to 300 MB/s.
  • The browser has a personal video player that can be used with one hand and is built into the download manager.
  • Ad blocking can get rid of invasive ads from the websites you visit.
  • A person can download certain internet content for offline access.
  • Using closed tabs allows the user to browse as well as leaves a hint and always protects their privacy.
  • Synchronization between special gadgets used by the user.
  • Enables night mode to protect eyesight when analyzing in low light conditions.
  • Adds the ability to customize distinctive search engines.

Download Opera Mini

Download Opera Mini - fast web browser for free for Android and iOS phone from the official website. It is also possible to download Opera Mini for other platforms and devices.

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