Tor Browser

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The Android and iOS utility Tor Browser is the version for smartphones and capsules that lets in us to get right of entry to the Internet whilst protecting our privacy.

Free Tor Browser for Android and iOS is the only official mobile browser offering privacy and freedom on the Internet.

The official Tor Browser for Android and iOS.

Features. What can be carried out in Tor Browser?

  • Sandboxing of web sites we visit to stop trackers from tracking our browsing habits. Cookies are deleted as quickly as we finish our session.
  • Hide our looking history so that nobody can recognize what sites we've got visited.
  • Anti-fingerprinting safety to forestall our device's facts from being intercepted.
  • Multi-layer encryption to conceal our traffic.
  • Access to web sites blocked by way of our carrier.

Download Tor Browser: Official, Private, & Secure

Download Tor Browser for free for Android and iOS phone from the official website. It is also possible to download Tor for other platforms and devices.

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Tor Browser: Official, Private, & Secure
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